Sunday, October 4, 2009

Intercooler , Manual Boost Controller , Oil Cooler

Items done:
Intercooler + s.steel piping + silicon hoses + clips
Turbo Down pipe 2 1/2" + flank + gasket
Turbosmart Boost Tee Controller
ATF Oil Cooler (Bar + Plate) Blue Cusco Type II (Racing type)
ATF Hoses + clamps
APEXI Boost Meter

All dyno figures are measured at the wheel:
Dyno before shows max 84bhp approx 2200rpm and 271Nm at 1800rpm

Dyno after shows max 107bhp (2800rpm) and torque a staggering 393Nm at 1800rpm!!

Sumber : by Razzd

Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller Original

ATF Cusco Type II Oil Cooler
Dyno Test

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